You almost ready to start driving!

What’s next?

  1. Fill out your W9 and sign your contract. If you have not received the signing document, email us: [email protected]
  2. We’ll contact you to set up a phone call when we can answer any additional questions and run through a test order in the app.
  3. Get on the schedule. (Look for the invitation to WhenIWork.)
  4. We pay weekly using PayPal. Payments are made on Monday for deliveries made the prior Monday through Sunday. Send your PayPal email account to: [email protected]

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How We Work

It's strongly recommended, and some restaurants will require that drivers use one.

The best options we know of are these: The prices are the lowest we've found, and they're available with free shipping on Amazon Prime.

We can also assist with the purchase of the bags. Just send an inquiry to [email protected]
Be available, and position yourself near the restaurants!

Our system sends orders to drivers automatically based on a number of factors, and your current location is critical. If you're checked in and available, but you're too far away from a pickup to be there in time, our system won't select you. So position yourself where the action is and you're likely to be the first selected.

In the schedule, an address is listed for each 'Job Site'. This location is selected because it is in the general area of high volume restaurants. Log in when you're nearby.
In the scheduler, most shifts are listed with a 'Job Site'. This is an address near high volume restaurants.

Start there and you will be best positioned to make money.

You can also log in when you're available to pick up orders wherever you may be. If you're close to orders when they come in, you can be eligible to receive them!
We use WhenIWork.

Look for the invite in your email.

Grab shifts and login to the Drive Eatzy app for any shifts you choose.
Drivers get paid per order. Drivers receive the delivery fee that is on the order minus an 12% fee to DDN and $0.25 per order for dispatch services

$5.99 delivery fee – driver receives $5.02
$6.99 delivery fee – driver receives $5.90
$7.99 delivery fee – driver receives $6.78
$8.99 delivery fee – driver receives $7.66

Drivers also receive 100% of any tips/gratuities on the order.

Although it can vary quite a bit, on average DDN drivers receive about $10 per order.
Payments are made every Tuesday for orders completed the prior Monday through Sunday. I.e., if you're delivering an order on Sunday at dinner, you get paid tomorrow.
Via PayPal.

If you have not already done so, send your PayPal email address to [email protected]