Hartford Tips

Hartford: Tips on Being a Successful DDN Delivery Driver


DDN is proud to provide independent delivery drivers with flexible work opportunities that allow them to be their own boss, make meaningful money, and explore their community. Our clients depend on professional drivers to fulfill all accepted orders, and they have operating hours that drivers need to commit to if they chose to pick up a shift. One of our clients, Waiter Wheels has provided tips and guidelines on how to be a successful driver.

Waiter Wheels works with reliable drivers. Reliable drivers are given first priority on premium delivery order opportunities.
What is a reliable driver?
1) Works with a great attitude, checks order items before leaving restaurant, and drops off order on time.
2) Updates their scheduling availability on WhenIWork app.
2) Works their scheduled shifts in full. Shift times are the duration when drivers accept orders.
3) Accepts all orders given by dispatch.
4) Being a safe professional driver, keeping the roads and our delivery platform secure.
WhenIWork App: Download on your smartphone and complete setup with the information given by email.
1) Scheduling is based on your availability you set up on your account. Reliable drivers make sure their availability on WhenIWork is up to date. Reliable drivers are logged in and ready to receive orders right at the beginning of the shift up until the end (ie: shift 4:30PM-9:15PM driver is logged in and be ready to take orders at 4:30PM and accepts orders until 9:15PM).
2) All scheduling changes such as shift swaps, shift drops, shift pick ups are drivers responsibility and need to be made on the WhenIWork app.
3)On-Call shifts: On-Call shifts gives drivers more time flexibility. If there is a surge of orders that demands more drivers, On call drivers must be ready and will be sent orders at this point in the shift.
Using these guidelines and tips, independent drivers will have a successful time working with Waiter Wheels and other DDN clients. The most successful DDN Drivers are able to perform deliveries quickly, efficiently, and professionally, providing a great experience for everyone on the platform and resulting in more deliveries per hour and more money. However, occasionally there are situations where a DDN Driver engages in activity that harms the platform, which could lead to the DDN Driver’s account being deactivated. To see full deactivation policy, please click here.