Attention all DDN Hartford drivers: 
You are an Independent Contractor using a web based technology (DriveEatzy) that connects you with restaurants, online delivery platforms and customers to alert you with delivery opportunities. You are now connected to businesses such as Waiter Wheels, Eat24, EatStreet, Delivery.com, and Olo.

FAQ – Hartford

As an IC, you must own or rent ALL equipment necessary to perform delivery services including but not limited to: Vehicle, delivery bags, smart phone, GPS device. Please see signed IC agreement for further details. Delivery bags and guest checks are available at the Hartford office (593 Farmington Avenue, Hartford, CT 06105) for rental or purchase. Please ask management.
Fee Schedule: Drivers keep 100% of tips and portion of the delivery fee, see below:
Client                                       Delivery Fee                                            Driver Payment 
Waiter Wheels           
                                                     $4.99                                                          $3.00
                                                     $6.99                                                          $3.00
                                                     $8.99                                                          $4.50
EAT24, Delivery.com, EatStreet
                                                     $5.99                                                          $3.00
                                                     $7.99                                                          $3.00
                                                     $9.99                                                          $4.50
                                                     $4.99                                                          $3.00
                                                     $6.99                                                          $3.00
                                                     $8.99                                                          $4.50
As a DDN IC delivery driver, you have agreed to ensure the order is accurately filled and to deliver the order to the costumer in a safe and timely fashion. An order delivered within the 15 minute delivery window quoted by our software with all food items in good condition is considered a successful delivery. We strongly advise to check your order and make sure all items are included and are prepared correctly before you leave the restaurant. Delivery bags must be used to maintain freshness. If there is a dispute from customer, restaurant and/or platform, you may not be entitled to payment and/or tip.