Best Practices

Delivery Tips from the Pros


> always use an insulated food carrier

keeps food warm
looks professional
increases your tips
when you open a hot carrier on a cold need, steam comes out – “careful, it’s hot”
> Keep the bag flat
Fit a piece of cardboard into the bottom of the food carrier (the same size as the bottom). It will add rigidity and you can throw it out when food spills on it.
> Keep pieces of cardboard handy to divide between stacks of food in the carrier. It helps to keep everything in place.
> Before you drive, know where you are going and how are you going to get there. Have a backup plan. Spend 30 seconds before you start moving – make sure you have the right address and know the best route. Once you’re driving, you’ll lose a lot more time if you make a mistake.
> Doubles are great, but you need to be really organized. Keep separate orders in separate hot bags. Use a slip of paper to identify each order so you don’t have to worry about remembering which is which.
> Know what the customer’s special requests are (extra dressing, no onions, etc). When picking up the food, have the restaurant verify those requests were followed. When you deliver, tell the customer “Here’s your extra dressing” or “Here’s the burger with no onions”. Extra care = extra tips.
> It’s not about driving fast, it’s about being efficient. Plan ahead with alternate routes in case there’s traffic. Double check that you have everything before you leave the restaurant. Look for special instructions before you drive and before you deliver.
> Carry small bills to make change.
> Keep a roll of paper towels in your car. Small spills and leaks will happen. You’ll get much bigger tips if everything is clean.
> At the start of a shift, or if I don’t have an active order, I park near a busy restaurant. When the next delivery comes in, I’ll be first to get the order.
> Dress well. Look good. People tip based on what they think you deserve. If you look good, people think you deserve more.